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Pandora's vet, who is also her breeder, advised me that I need to wait until she is 14 months old before I spay her.  She has a young doctor working with her and they advised current research on Dobermans recommend waiting to allow for full bone growth which apparently has a role in reduction of injuries. She also told me it would allow her to fill out, giving her a more muscular ("buff" was the word she used) look. I will do what she recommends but I am interested in your thoughts. She will be 6 months old on December 8....lucky me, I get to spend Christmas with a crazy doberpuppy in heat :O

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Fry.. I had heard to wait at least one heat cycle..

When we got our Bella... I couldn't do that...not with coyotes and others coming to call for a month and an over protective big sister who would lay down her life for us and the Little.. so when she was five months old, we had it done... It went so much better than I had feared with very little down time..Bella being from undetermined ancestorage.. ( it's a word) we weren't as concerned as we might have been with a pure bred.. dunno why.. street dogs seem to be so much more healthy.

I will be looking forward to reading more comments from others who have followed their breeders and vets advice and how they handled it..

I would advise letting her go through 1 heat... IF you can do so safely. Having a bitch in heat is a big responsibility. Leash walks in a fenced yard are best - she can't get out and others can't get in. NEVER leave her out alone while she is in heat.... males may show up from miles away and a fence is not that big of a barrier to a determined boy!

After she goes out of heat, wait 2-3 months and then spay. The reason is to spay her approx. 1/2 way between 2 heats to minimize spay incontinence. 

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It's in my breeders contract I am not allowed to spay until Leica is at least 1 year old. To be honest with all the research I have read I am leaning towards not having it done at all... but I will see how her first couple of heats go and how we both deal with them! My vet recommended 18 months as the growth plates should have closed but its still within time to reduce the risk of mammary tumours.

The info I have been reading however sites that although reducing mammary cancer and obv. obliterating uterine/cervical/ovarian cancers these are in the case of mammary cancer, one of the easier cancers to treat, and the other bitch cancers are of low incidence. Spaying, particularly early spay, increases the risk of blood and bone cancers which are much harder to treat. Also, obviously spaying eliminates the chance of pyometra (small chance of 'stump pyometra if the spay isnt great), but it increases the chances of hip dysplasia, cruciate tears and incontinence.

Have a read of this article which sums up both the pros and cons of spaying and see what best suits your situation :)


And this one is good with lots of scientific journal references