Was this a heart problem warning sign I should have noticed?

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After losing Dobie, I have been thinking back over every aspect of his life, wondering if I missed things that were important. The only one I keep coming back to is that he was always very heat sensitive. He got hot much quicker than Paris and it did make him noticeably tired after being hot. It was not very often, because due to my MS I am extremely sensitive to heat so we always avoided it as much as possible. I think I anthromorphized him too much and just assumed he behaved that way because I did, but now I think it may have been a sign of a heart issue. I've been keeping Paris inside, other than to go to bathroom, since it's almost 100 outside now and she's 12, as well as my 16 year old cat and 4 month kitten. Has anyone whose Dobers have had heart problems noticed this, or am I just overthinking it?


it is possible, but I would not beat yourself up about it. Some dogs are just more heat sensitive than others -