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Hello everyone.  I have a 13 month old male named Jake, who has had a skin problem since I got him at age 8 months.  He has bumps all over his skin that dry up and flake and loss of hair on neck where most bumps are.  I have taken him to the vet more than twice for this.  He took a skin scraping and looked at it under the microscope.  He said it is a Staph infection.  Jake has been on two courses of Cephalexin (keflex) for a total of over 8 weeks. Each time we stop the meds, the bumps come back within 3 days.  I feed him Innova Large breed puppy which is great food and I know it's not a food allergy since he spent 2 weeks on rice and boiled meat for a GI bug and the bumps never went away.   Can anyone relate?  Also, what shampoo should I use and how often? -he's a dirty dog, always playing in the river, mud and overgrown fields, so I usually bathe him once a month before I apply his flea/tick meds.  Thanks!

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Hi TMBjunior.. I love the story on how and why you got your Jake..Bless you for giving this stunning boy a loving home!!

 Sofia was a rescue, and guess what!!?? SHE rescued ME..
I wish I had an answer for  your dilemma with his skin condition and I hope that some of the more experienced doberfolks on this forum can help.

I use a oatmeal shampoo on Sofia..  and add a bit of EVOO in her food a couple of times a month.. In between baths ( once a month)

Three times a week,  I use baby wipes ( non scented) to do her face and ears, wipe down the rest of the royal body to get loose  hairs off and a mixture of Skin So Soft and water ( 5-1) to keep her coat soft and 'skeeters off

Please keep us posted on Jake and what's going on with him..He is a very handsome young man!!

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 I have a Blue so you know there is skin problems... Harley has the same bumbs. There is a shampoo you can get from your vet that is basically acne shampoo. You have to let it sit on for 15 min. I also feed her treats with fish oils and fish oil supplement on her food. I hope this helps.

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He is a handsome lad. If he likes going in the river and muddy fields, there is a possibility that is having an impact. When he comes back you may want to wash him off outside.

I wonder if an anti-bacterial soap would help in any way. This would be something to discuss with your vet.

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 my 6 month old puppy has had the same skin issues. postules on his body which subside while anti-biotic(cephalaxin) dosage is on but return with a bang once the meds are stopped. my researches to somehow help him get over it lead me to homeopathy as an alternative mode of treatment. Monza has been prescribed Sulpher 30c drops, 5-7 drops added to water 3 times a day for a month. It's been about 2 weeks since he's been on it and I already see a difference. Most postules are gone. I will revert again once Monza's treatment is over. I'm really hoping he gets out this nasty skin condition.

In the meanwhile, along with homeopathy, I add a spooful of coconut oil(extra virgin) to his food. he's also massaged once a week with coconut oil before a anti bacterial medicated bath. And he's off antibiotics.

Cephalaxin is a good antibiotic, but staph infections in young dobermans are very stubborn. They need to be on it for 30 continuous days and most vets are only going to prescribe for 10 - then it just comes back.