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All of you who know Freyja and have read my posts about her know that she is at the small edge of normal for a female Dobie.  She is right at 24 inches at the shoulders.  Her size has never been an issue with me as she is healthy and has all the typical Doberman attributes.  However I have read several posts over the past couple of years from folks who are either wondering or concerned about Doberman growth.  We all know Dobermans will grow until at least 18 months old, but I haven't seen a post on how much one can expect a Doberman to grow from it's first birthday, which many consider "full grown", to its second birthday.  So I thought I'd share what I found out about Freyja at a vet visit today.

We had Freyja at the vet when she was 15 months old.  At that time she weighed in at 54 pounds.  Today we took her to the vet two weeks after her second birthday, or 24 months old.  She weighed in at 63 pounds.  She has gained 9 pounds in the past 9 months.  While that may not sound like a lot, to put it in percentages her weight has increased 16 percent from 15-24 months old.  That would be equivalent to a human going from 150 pounds to 174 pounds, a pretty sizeable weight gain.  This gain seems to be her "filling out" as her height has changed little, if any, over the past 9 months.

I share this only to give anyone concerned about their dog's growth a point of reference, and to let them know that there is weight to be gained after the first year.   

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Tye and I were just talking about this the other day.  I think he belived Rocky was a little small and might stay that way.  He's not really small at all at 76 lbs and he's only 9 months old.  I guessed him to gain about 10 more so going by what you said I was pretty darn close...:)  thanks for the info.

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Hey Freya's dad....I think Q did most of his growing in his first year and hardly anything in his second although his body shape has changed. With his chest filling out more and maybe an inch taller.

 Q is about 38kilo so i think thats about 6lb weight gain which is plenty for my car,,,,you should hear the springs when he steps in