Purina vs. Blue Buffalo

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An article from Dr. Becker this morning - something to keep in mind when hearing claims from Purina about BB...... (No affiliation with either company....)


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Pet Profiles

Very interesting.. thank you for sharing this..

If we would all just read and understand the labels.. we'd be much better off..

Even some of the quality pet foods contain salt which is one of the major cause of overweight and too much strain on their hearts.. ( yep.. just like us)

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Thanks, Kim, it is an interesting article.  I don't trust any pet food company that markets their food as agressively as these companies.  Years ago I fed IAMS until they dropped their quality, upped their marketing budget, and began selling in grocery stores.  

If I had the time and confidence in myself, I'd feed raw.

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Interesting read, but the fact that they are still considering BB not a "big name brand" is kind of off setting. It's advertised into the ground in the midwest area. 

They say that the food is manufactured in the USA, but the ingredients are from other countries. Either way, I don't trust Purina, and I have always had an off feeling about Blue. There are very few things that are safe to feed your pet or even yourself anymore. Bah to all this..