Preventing UTI's...?

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My girl has a RV (Recessed Vulva) and is most likely going to develop another UTI if nature takes it's course.

Sometimes I will get them, so I know Cranberry pills help prevent them due to the bacertia not being able to attach to the walls and cause infection (or some other thing along those lines) and I also think I read that cranberry changes the ph in a good way.

I also read a bit about apple cider vienegar being a good help, too for several different reasons (one being to break up/maybe prevent those crystals from forming). Would that help for UTI prevention?

Does anyone know how much dosage cranberry pill would be ok?

(my girl is only 11 pounds so far)

Ideas anyone?

p.s. I heard to buy baby wipes and wipe her everytime she goes potty


I use tri-cran-c from Natures Farmacy - but I don't know what the dosage would be for a puppy on either that or Human pills.... but for sure very small.  I would talk to your vet about it.