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- Dear personnel staff of gentledoberman

            I'm bahaa from Egypt .

           There's a special case I encounter with my newly born bubby ( 2months and 5 days old ) .

Her features are :-

            Type: Doberman

            Color : black with a white third toe in her left front leg , and a white spot in her chest . important to mention there have been white projecting acne or abssesses between her ears .

After 15 days :she opened her eyes of  blue pupil .

AFTER 45 days : the left eye lid was shut in abnormal way . the wight eye still opened but with a white small spot (dot) on the pubil . the left lid if pried opend it is show a wide , dominating white cloud covering all over the eye .

When I asked a speacialized vet he advised me to give her :-

            Tobramycin 3mg

             Dexame thasone 1 mg

As eye drops administered for both eyes two times aday/ week , plus an anti-fungal , antibacterial ointment providrd here in Egyption market under the trade name ( daktarin) for the topical abssesses , to be administered only once aday/week .

Daktarin showed agreat progress with those abssesses , but the first eye drops worsened the case , as the small white dot on the right eye pupil widened , and the lid was shut & both could barely opened .

So , I visted another vet and he advised me with :-

Dexame thasone 1mg

Neomycxin (as sulphate ) 3.5 mg

Polymyxin-b-sulphate 6000  iu

With ( nizoral ) tab. To be crushed with ( saline 9/10) and administered to both eyes , once aday .

I did not apply the latest treatment , because I'm really worried . I'm sincerely waiting for your generous response .

Please it's urgent .

                                                  Thanks for your precious time ,


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I don't know what kind of vet services might be available for you there, but do you have canine ophthalmologists (eye specialists)?  It sounds like the puppy needs to see one. 

I had a puppy once that had a calcium deposit in his eye.  It looked like a splotch of white paint on his eye when his eyes opened.  The ophthalmologist prescribed drops that broke it up and the problem was solved.  The other thing I wonder about is persistent pupillary membranes - depending on where they are attached, you might see them as white spots in the eye.  But I wouldn't think that either of these problems would cause the puppy to not be able to open its eyelids.  Please ask your regular vet for a referral to an ophthalmologist. 

I am guessing that the acne you describe on the puppy's head is staph infection. 

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the problem is there isnot eye specialists