New puppy wont eat, how do I make her eat more?

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Hello everyone. I posted on the general forum about my new puppy Kira and if you read my other forum you will get a little insight of Kira's story. It’s been 3 days since we have had her in our home. I took her to a vet right away after we got her. We got the proper shots and dewormer for her.

The people we got her from were feeding her wrong (adult food soaked in water, milk and eggs), she was a bit neglected and sick and the pups were in a cold grage in a box (explained in my other post) When we got her she was 6 weeks (not 8 weeks like were told) and she weighed in at 4lbs on Monday at the vet. :/ The Vet told us that we should buy actual baby formula and heat it with her new puppy food (Blue Buffalo puppy with red meat). That way it will add a healthy weight. Well she will lap up the formula but leave the food. She will also drink water, only if it’s warm.

I have read about what happens to puppies brought home early, and I don’t want that. I am doing as much research as I can and teaching her early whats right and wrong and I will socialize her when she is ready. I want her happy and comfortable.

Can someone help me with feeding her though? I have fed puppies before and had no problems. I want her to have a healthy coat, gain weight and drink more water.  She is not sick anymore and will play when not sleeping, she juust won’t eat all her food. I know a doberman puppy at 4lbs is NOT healthy. She is happy and poops and pees just fine, but I want to feed her more.

What should I do to get her to eat more? Thank you for reading and replying :)

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Aww bless her, little and often for a pup so young, my breeder was feeding 6x a day at that age. I'm not sure about baby formula most pet shops sell special dog milk, or goats milk or lactose free cows milk. My breeder was feeding soaked puppy biscuits in puppy milk and also feeding puppy milk in between meal times.

Soak her food long enough for it to be totally soft ( at least an hour) - You can add puppy milk replacer formula to it and mash it all in. You can use a food processer - Also, at her age, she should be eating at least 4 times a day. 

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Honestly a pup that small at the moment only needs fluids she can go a while without eating. As far as forcing her goes don't she'll soon associate eating with a bad experiance and not want to for a while. She'll eat when she's ready. But at least she plays when she stops playing and not drinking anymore then take her to the vet. Beware of parvo as well. Hope she's doing okay. :)