Looking for a good Doberman Vet in Michigan

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Hello,  I live on the east side of Michigan and have three Dobies at the moment (these are number 7,8 and 9).   I'm looking for a Vet that is knowledgeable about them and their heatlh issues.   My four year old started walking funny (back legs) the last few motnhs and one vet said Hip problems and other said Wobbles.   Would like to find someone who knows about them and not guessing.  This is the first time going through this type of problem.  Any assistance would be deeply apprected.  Thanks Moose




I don't know any vets in Michigan - sorry.  I will say that the only 100% way to diagnose wobblers is with an MRI or Mylogram - both are expensive tests with an average cost of $1800. Xrays may show something, but would not normally be conclusive. However, hip xrays done as if for a OFA Hip review should tell any qualified vet if there is hip displaysia. If your vet has a decent xray machine, they should be able to do hip xrays for a couple of 100 dollars. I'd talk to your vet about it. 

Is there a vet school at Univ of Michigan? Sometimes they have better prices.... and will have specialists available. 

There are also some Doberman Health groups on facebook that you might want to check out - might be someone there that can recommend a local vet for you. 

Good luck to you!