How Much and What should we feed?

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Hi All,

I know this topic is all over the forum, but I'm having a hard time finding an amount to feed puppies anywhere.  We brought our new baby, Shea, home last Sunday (she's 12 weeks) and since then she hasn't really eaten a whole meal.  The breeder was feeding her 3 times a day, NutraMax Puppy Formula and soaking the kibble for about an hour first.

We've been doing that for the last four days and she'll eat a few bites and run off then come back and eat a little more.  Today at lunchtime I could barely get her to take 2 bites.  She also has super ruiny poops, she did even at the breeder.  So, my question is, what is a reasonable amount to be feeding (breeder said 1.5 cups each meal, seems like a lot to me), what SHOULD we be feeding her and/or should I call the vet about her upset stomach?

Thanks for the help!

Ash, Mark and Miss Shea

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Are you using the same food as the breeder? Since it has already been 4 days get her to the vet and have him run some tests. Has she been wormed regularly? When was her last worming? Try feeding her dry kibble and see if that helps.

Personally, there are better foods out there than NutraMax. Here is a site that rates dog kibble from 1-5. 5 Being the best. Most folks go with a 4. She could be sensitive to any grains in the kibble so an all life cycle grain free food is best.


This is NutroMax's ingrediants: Rated a 3.5

Ingredients: Chicken meal, ground whole wheat, wheat flour, ground rice, rice bran, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), corn gluten meal, dried plain beet pulp,

All the red is not well digested by dogs and is mostly filler. There is only one protein so she could be having the runs due to too much grains. Reds can be very sensitive to grains especially corn. So I would advise getting Shea on a better food (gradually) once you have your vet check her out.


Good luck!


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The site Bluedog listed is a great one!  The general advice is, feed the best you can afford.

I also agree that a visit to the vet is a good idea. Check for parasites. When I got Gabe, he had constant diarrhea. The breeder assured me all the pups had been repeatedly dewormed. The wormer must have gotten too cold in her car (or something) because Gabe was loaded with worms. When we dewormed him he expelled a massive amount. And the diarrhea stopped.

At the very least, you might consider stopping soaking her food. Dry kibble soaked and then left to stand for that long can grow E. Coli and Salmonella. I very nearly lost a dog due to leaving her soaked kibble out for too long. It could also explain your pup's upset stomach. If you do soak it, make it 10 minutes, feed immediately, and don't give her more than 10 minutes to clean it all up. Pitch the rest - do not reheat. Make sure her dish and all utensils are thoroughly washed each time.

If all is clear with the vet, I would suggest picking a great dog food from the list, and slowly switching your pup over to the new food by mixing it with the NutroMax dry.  JMO.......

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I agree, i would go with a dry kibble, grain free.

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Thanks Everyone!  Great advice!

We took Shea to the Vet on Saturday and he put her on an antibotic for giardia/diarrea.  We also stopped soaking her food and she's eating more now.  Still keeping an eye on her and will probably start transitioning her food to something better once her tummy settles down.

Now we're just working on not being afraid of EVERYTHING ;-)

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I would agree with ilovedobies. I do not have a doberman, I have a cocker spaniel but grain free seems to be the way to go. Check out: for options. 

Canadae makes some good products. Seemed to help with the...runs...problem with my pup :)