Hot spots - Feet licking

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One of my girls has issues with I believe pollen. When there is no pollen (winter) she is fine but when it is everywhere and bad her feet get itchy as heck to the point where she was licking her toes raw. Not good...


Last year I was giving her a half pill (8mg) of Apoquel each day to keep her happy and keep the itchy feet from driving her nuts and that DID work but...

When I ordered their HW preventatives this year the nice lady at the petmeds place upsold me on this:


Started spritzing her feet with it as soon as I noticed the pollen and the licking starting and I got to say that so far - It seems to be working!

Have been spritzing her feet every morning and my results have been great. The one small raw spot she made licking completely healed and have noticed no new ones. Her feet look completely normal in every way now and the pollen is so bad currently that within a day of washing your car it is yellow and coated in the stuff!

The very first time I spritzed her feet she did 'try' to lick the stuff off. That did not last long as she started foaming up like she had just grabbed a toad! LOL! :)

Only tried to lick the stuff that one time and since then no issues at all.

So far this stuff has been working for me. Will update this thread in a few months with a progress report as to if it is working for us long term or not.