Growing too fast!

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Hello everyone,


We have a 10 week old, 25 lbs Doberman that is walking with his feet inward (just his two front paws) we took him to the vet and they said it's because he's taking pressure off of his "wrists" they are hurting because he's having poor diet however I have him on the "best food" recommended by the vets all around our area! He says that he is growing faster than his foods nutrition can keep up. Is there any suggestions on what we can do? Does anyone else have this problem? Also, he is not fat in the belly at all the vet said it is all just heavy bones! Any suggestions on food? 

Thank you all in advance! 

What are you feeding him? What does his breeder say? Pictures?

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Hill science diet large breed puppy and the vet says to give him calcium pills and feed him more! I didn't take any pictures because he's only three months old I can not contain him for even two seconds he's full of energy!

I would not give him calcium pills, IMHO that will make the problem worse!  I would look into seeing an orthopedic specialist, or at the very least getting a second opinion. You can't expect every vet out there to know your breed - but some vets can really get it totally wrong. 

Hills is pretty crappy food - better than what you can buy in the grocery store but not by a whole lot. However, it should not cause the issues you are seeing.  I would look into trying a different kibble though as it could help. You don't need puppy food, you do need an "all life stages" food. If you have a good feed store nearby (not Petco or Petsmart where the employees know little to nothing), visit it and ask for someone knowledgeable about dog food recommend something. These are normally small family owned stores.

Try to get pictures. Have someone hold your puppy still and get down on the floor to get straight on pictures from the side and the front. 

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We were recommended taste of the wild which is all stages of life and it was really bad! We want the best possible food for him! We live in California this breed is rare to an extent. It's hard to find a vet that knows it Well. However we would love to find one! Is there any food you could recommend?

The above link is a good place to start when you are looking for a new food. I personally feed a kibble called Annamaet - one of their grain free fish based kibbles. I've fed their puppy food to very young puppies but switch to an adult formula by about 5 months of age. I don't go to a higher protein grain free till they are about a year 1/2 old.  Annamaet is locally produced near me on the east coast so you probably won't find it in California. There are lots of really good quality kibbles out there. 

Whatever you decide to try, do not just switch cold turkey. You need to switch over to the new food slowly over the period of at least a couple of weeks. 

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Annamaet is available on I actually started ordering it based on  your recommendations!

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Check out dog food advisor and read the labels on ANY food you feed your dog! I found that our pup took really well to Acana Meadowlands after 5 months of being on Solid Gold Wolf Cub. You really need to be checking the calcium to phosphorus content and the amount of protein. If young large breed dogs get too much calcium or phosphorus too early on it can cause bone/joint issues as they grow and later in life. We are lucky enough to live by a boutique dog food shop that sells house made treats and carries mostly 4.5/5 star dog foods. I'd recommend you do more research and don't always take your vet's advice. I love my vet but she's not so familiar with the breed so I've had to do my own extensive research online, and sometimes disregard her advice. She too told me to put her on hills or purina (can't remember which) and I said "OK" but never did because that stuff ain't so great!