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Our 22 wk old red girl seems to have dry, itchy skin. Recently, we used a new shampoo that was supposed to be great, "Natures Dog by Canus". Does anyone have a shampoo to recommend that seems not to promote dry skin? Thanks!

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I haven't tried this stuff yet, but it's supposed to be great for humans & dogs.  Coconut oil.  I'm in the research the product stage.  But after reading the article in Whole Dog Magazine, I think I'll try this coconut oil.  All the Red Dobermans I have ever seen seem to be dryer than their black & tan counterparts.  The red I have now has a nice lustre to his fur but winter is coming and I want to keep it that way.  This stuff can be applied topically too and heals cuts, dry toe pads as well as adding it to their food for shiny fur.  The benefit of rubbing it on the cut or dry skin is that if they lick it off, it's good for them too.

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Sofia is a fawn and they are reknown for dry fur and skin. Try using salmon oil ( or any Omega 3 with Vit. E) as sometimes the dryness needs to be treated from the inside out.

Also, try not to bathe often.. they really don't need it.. just a rinse if they are really dirty. ( like mud dirty) or rolling in dead stuff dirty) NOT that anyone of ours would do such a thing...lol

We use a product called Tropiclean. You can get it on line or PetCo if one is close.. It comes in a variety of scents.. ( we use oatmeal as it's more gentle on her delicateness) ( Ninty pounds of delicate-ness) Leaves teh coat gleaming and soft.

In between, Sofia gets wiped down with unscented baby wipes and I use a mixture of 1/3 Skin So Soft by Avon and 2/3 water... to spritz on her and rub in. Not only is it a great conditioner... ( for four legs and two) it keeps mosquitos away...

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Thank you both for you input - your Dobes are all fantastic.