dry flakes...skin...help!

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Hi everyone!
I want to thank you all for your insightfuness...i read the blog frequently but never post bevause I always seem to find a wealth of info. My pup Jacobi...almost one year ..has battled flaky skin. He was on tow but now on eartborne (the fish one). He gets some cottage cheese, two fish pills a day, minimal baths..not one since December. We brought him to the vet she perscribed antibiotics...however after the round he still has bumps on his joints as well as dry flaky skin. Any home remedies that may be of help? I feel as though we are at a dead end..any advice is much appreciated....jacobis mom

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Dexter has been good when it comes to flakes. Except the last to months when he battled a nasty bumpy rash on his back from an allergy to topical flea drops. 

I have been giving him olive oil and coconut oil with his 2 meals, oatmeal puppy baths on bad days and I rinse him with a bucket of warm water and a few spoons of olive oil before I dry him. Messy, but it helped keeping his skin hydrated. We brush twice a day to get rid of the flakes from his bumps.

The flea stuff is almost out of his system and he is looking a lot better. Everything is healing nicely!

Oh and he is also on Fish Oil and a chewable dog multivitamin to boost his immune system^^ 

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We have dry skin too! Kayos rubbes himselve down the sides of everything. We are using cod liver oil in his food. It's helping... but the vet told us that the dog food we feed him is the first place to start. Like people when we don't eat right the first place to see it is on our skin. We are looking at a few kinds that the vet has on stock, however he said if that dosn't do the trick there are other allery brands we can try. He said dobies are prone to dry skin issues and require a diet that promotes good skin & bones. What are you feeding your dobie & what does the vet say about it. We will let you know how we are making out. We were on taste of the wild.

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I'd say change his food.  You're already giving him all sorta of suppliments that should be more than enough to fix the dry skin.   When Rocky was on a lesser quality food as a pup he would get dandruff and I'd add olive oil to his food.  When I switch him to Blue - Fish/Oatmeal I stopped having to do anything extra.  His coat is shiney and nice even with very frequent baths.

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Hi Rolo is 9 months old and has always had bad skin we have a medicated shampoo we use 1-2 times a week and it has gone completely. He also has lumps but we were told by the vet he will grow out of it.

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leo has dry skin also, had some bumps on his head & mouth. vet said it was acne due to stress, new home, new food, new family. so we started giving him one cap of fish oil on his am food, all bumps on mouth are gone now (1 week) and bumps on head are about 90% clear. we are starting a new food transition now, after my intense research on food, (thanks to the great people on this forum with all the great assistance) and many other web sites, and vendor sites, and we decided to go with blue buffalo chicken & rice large breed puppy food, switch from purina one junk. i hope this does the extra bit we need. the vet said alot is due to his immune syst not being fully dev. and this food helps build a strong immu.