diatomaceous earth

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I've started adding a tablespoon the the girls meal once a day for worm prevention, and understand it can be used topically for flea and ticks? Does anyone use this? do you put sprinkle it on every time they go out? or after? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated. I prefer to not put chemical toxins in or on my girls if I can help it.

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I have fed it before and have used it in the house and garden. From what I've understood of recent studies it does very little for internal parasites though, so it is still best to maintain some kind of preventative or wormer routine. 

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Everything you want to know about DE -


A great place to order it as well. (No affiliation.)  DE will kill intestinal parasites, such as tapeworms, etc., but it will not cross the blood barrier, so it's not good for heartworm treatment. It's full of silica, which all our cells need to function well.

I've fed DE to my dogs and horses for years. Easier to get the dogs to eat it, because horses need a lot more, and mine wouldn't free feed a tub of it. For large amounts - for livestock, etc., farm supply stores will often carry 40-50 pound bags of it for under $30. That way you save on shipping.

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The DE is good for dogs as well as humans as long as it is food grade. We also give it to our cats for many different reasons. One use to get warms all the time and now we haven't seen any since we have been giving them DE. Look in to it for humans. Very beneficial for joint pain. Also regulates bowel movement for pets and humans. Good stuff.