Diarrhea! Help

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We have a problem lately. Our almost 4months old dobbie has diarrhea for one week already! We went to a vet, she gave him some medicine and adviced fo feed him rice, but when Ive started to feed him rice he got rash. We feed him RAW. breeders fed him purina, and we gradually switched to raw. Everything was okey. He started to change his teeth and then when it started. Could that be the problem? Because I really dont know what to do? Maybe you have some advice? Our puppy has good appetite, he is full of energy, but this diarrhea is killing us!



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This is what I do when a puppy or dog gets diarrhea:

1) withhold food for 24 hours but allow water

2) administer Pepto Bismol (1 tsp per 5 lbs every 6 hours) to coat/soothe his intestines

3) after 24 hours, I give a small amount of their regular food, like 1/4 of their normal portion at their regular meal times for one day

4) if dog seems ok with that, the next day I increase to 1/2 their normal portion at their regular mealtimes for one day

5) if dog seems ok with that, increase to 3/4 their normal portion the following day at their regular mealtimes

and then hopefully back to regular portions by the following day. 

If the above is not working, then I would advise seeing the vet to hopefully get the puppy/dog on metronidazole/flagyll which always seems to work. 

I suppose the stress of teething could cause some diarrhea but you've also had a diet change going on there.  I'd really think about going back to whatever he was on before he got diarrhea because maybe he's telling you that raw is not agreeing with him.  That's good advice for many problems - always think back to what was working before you changed something.  If it was working, maybe you shouldn't have made the change. 

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The best thing I have found that is also a natural help is pumpkin.  Not pie filler but pure pureed pumpkin in a can - give him a tablespoon and you will see almost immediate results.  Rocky loves it so I give him a spoonful most every morning as his treat...


He was give a whole lot of that kong filler one evening while I was away (bad boyfried) and oh man, that didn't go well.  I knew something was wrong when he wanted out twice during the night but it was too dark to see much other than that he pooped. I saw in the morning though, had to stay home from work for the day cause he had it bad......poor little guy.


It helps with diarrhea and it also helps with constipation too -