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Fletcher keeps gettng this little group of pimple on the shame spot on his chin.  I clean his chin after every meal and once I saw the pimple started to use a little witch hazel to help clean it.  They don't seem to be going away and I can't figure out the cause of it.  I'm going to take him into the vet to get it checked out.  It's a small group of pimples all in a little cluster.   

Anyone else experience this or have some info that would help?  

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Hey d_spaghetti,

  Mia had the same thing more than once and the vet said it would be similar to acne on a pre-teen teenage kid.  It cleared up when he put her on an antibiotic for a couple weeks.  She still gets them every now and then but a lot less than she used to.  Keep a close eye because it seemed it was shortly afterwards when she got the mites.  I don't know if there is a relationship or not.  If so you'll want to act fast.  Hers are finally clearing up after a month of treatment and the meds were $85. 

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Do you feed from stainless steel bowls?  and do you wash them frequently?  like every couple days type thing...


Rocky used to get this and once I switched to stainless and alternate them about every 2 days to clean ones he doesn't anymore unless I forget to change them. 

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We are just finishing up with a round of antibiotics for a nasty case of chin acne. Beck is just a year now...he has had his chin in the grass, gardens, and dirt more than before. He uses all stainless steel as well; the vet recommended washing his chin with plain soap and water every morning and night...and just to be aware of any new habits, or where/what he's been in.

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Plastic food/water bowls hold a lot of bacteria, and that often causes chin acne on dogs.  I use stainless steel and/or porcelain bowls for feeding and water and I wash them every other day whether they need it or not.  :)  None of my dogs have gotten chin acne.

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Beck is beautiful!! Love the pics in your gallery especially the one in the crate feeling woozy but he is very handsome, greaty pics!!! The one on the sofa is cute, they really can curl up small for their size....