Bald tail tip?

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Hello! Any other dobe owners experience a bald tip on a docked tail? Rocky is 5 months old and since we brought him home at 7 weeks his tail has been bald on the tip. It wasnt as much when he was younger but as he's growing he's drawing more attention to it and sometimes nibbles on it as if its itchy which is causing more balding i assume. He isn't constantly messing with it but a couple times a day he will nibble on it. The hair is thinning just before the tip but the whole tip is bare with dry looking skin. Is this considered a "hot spot" situation?

Sometimes tails just don't heal well, and are normally corrected when ears are cropped as they are under for surgery already.  It sounds like Rocky may have had a bad dock or it developed an issue after the docking that was never fixed.  I'd suggest having your vet look at it.  If it isn't too bad, maybe it can wait till he is neutered to fix it, but if it is really causing issues, I'd think about having it fixed sooner. 


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Both of my males have/have this. Dobie's was from a brutal docking job, whoever did it didn't  pull the skin down first, they just chopped it off! Poor baby had already had surgery to correct it after it split open by the time I apopted him, and it was just an EXTREMELY short bald nub his whole life. The vet said he had one joint there, at best. We didn't even know he could move it for almost three years! Mooncake has developed a tiny bald spot on the tip of his, but the fur is just long enough that you can't see it unless you look from underneath it. It doesn't cause him to chew on it, so I would not classify it as a hot spot. I wish cropping and docking would be banned for pets and non-show dogs, at least.

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My new puppie also has this.  Its almost like a tiny ball on his tail.  Im taking him to vet this week.  When his ears were done the vet made no mention and I didnt think to ask - great tip Fitzmar!