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Im looking to get one of these guys, ive been around to most of the pet stores i know and asked if they know any good honest breeders around but noone knows! so i come here would anyone by chance know of a good breeder somewhere in NC/SC?? Im looking to get a puppy under 6 months

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In North Carolina, I'd try:

Gold Grove Dobermans / Sharon Pflueger in Monroe  www.goldgrovedobermans.com

Kachina Dobermans / Connie Alexander in Kernersville www.kachinakennels.com

Allure Dobermans / Carmen Pitts in Sanford  www.alluredobermans.com

In South Carolina, you could try:

Phillmar Dobermans / Phillip Martin in Aiken  www.phillmardobermans.com

Blumont Dobermans / Elizabeth Patterson in Inman  www.blumontdobes.com

Mistel Dobermans / Bob Vandiver in Simpsonville  www.misteldobermans.com

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I heard Allure was great. They didn't have any pups during my timeframe but I hear good things about Allure. (I grew up in NC).