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My husband and I will be purchasing a Doberman puppy in 2017. After doing our research we went to visit an AKC breeder about 2 hours from our home. We were very disappointed. Breeder’s website indicated that dogs were ‘raised in our home”, only to discover dogs (and puppies) were housed in a separate building. The inside of the building was wet (breeder just “hosed down”), dark and very smelly. Dogs & puppies were on cold concrete floors and their nails looked unkept and dirty. Needless to say we crossed that breeder off our list and its back to the drawing board.
I have tried to contact several DPCA recommended breeders, however none have gotten back to me and it's been weeks! It’s VERY frustrating, especially since their websites state “contact us with any questions”! I really want to purchase a dog from a reputable breeder but I’m not having any luck. Can someone recommend a solid breeder? We will not be showing or breeding our dog, just want a well tempered dog to love and spend time with. We live in NC and would like a breeder close by so that we can visit the pup prior to him coming home. Thanks!

Finding a good breeder is not easy, and reputable breeders don't normally breed that often. They are often gone every weekend at shows, and have full time jobs during the week - not to mention families. Right now the Doberman National is going on outside of Chicago and a lot of the good breeders are there for up to 10 days.

I recommend doing a "doggie resume' " and give as much info as possible about yourself, your dog experience, why you want a Doberman, your home information (own rent yard fence) - etc.... The more information you give, the more likely you will hear back.  Good breeders are inundated with emails and calls for puppies, and the unknown people have to compete with the show homes and the homes that are coming back to a breeder for a 2nd or 3rd dog from them (repeat customers). I guarantee you that a quick "do you have puppies and how much are they?" will NOT get a response (not saying that that is what you are doing.... but when I was listed with the DPCA breeders list, I got several of those every week and they were deleted)

I also recommend going to local shows and meeting breeder/owners and seeing the dogs. You can find information about upcoming shows on infodog.com   about a week before the show you need to look at the judging program for the rind number and time - it will also list how many Dobermans are entered. 

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Just a note that the DPCA does not "recommend" breeders.  Breeders pay to be listed on the breeder listing, and do have to have been a member for a period of time and have signed the code of ethics, etc but it's up to every individual to screen any breeders listed.  

IMO, there aren't reputable breeders on every street corner.  Unfortunately, it is likely that one would have to travel somewhat to get a puppy from a responsible breeder and they may also have to wait outside of their time frame if that time frame doesn't match when the breeder is planning a litter.  

What Fitzmar says is true - the good breeders receive a couple of hundred puppy emails and phone calls a year, at least.  I don't know what kind of notes you are sending, but I know that I get a lot of "want puppy, how much" e-mails and I'm immediately turned off and not likely to bother responding.  If someone takes the time to really write to me, I will take the time to really respond, in general.  However, please remember that breeders are humans with jobs and families and other responsibilities.  Like it or not, those responsibilities come first.  Not to mention that people suffer illnesses or other things that put responding to puppy requests way to the bottom of the list of things to do.  Like when my mom needed her hip replaced and moved in for 6 weeks and I'm driving her to physio an hour away a few times a week and whatnot, I don't have time to respond to puppy requests.  Especially when I don't have puppies!  I think you need to not take it personally and just assume that they don't have puppies in your time frame and that you'll need to expand the search.  

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You might also try putting your name in with a few doberman rescues. They will occasionally get puppies in and it's been my experience that the really legit rescues will ask you just ask many questions as a breeder to make sure their dogs are really finding their forever homes. 

I agree with Fitzmar and glengate. When I was looking for a puppy, I sent out about 20 emails, explained I had just lost my rescue doberboy and was looking for a well-bred (red or blue) female. Not interested in showing but definitely obedience and social activities. Listed the food I had fed, who cared for him when I was gone, and even sent photo's. And did not ask price. A well bred puppy is going to cost, even to a non-show home. A good breeder will also most likely crop the ears so if you know how to post, mention that, if not, then having them nearby is always helpful.

Good luck on your search!!

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Thank you all for the great advice and feedback. I like the idea of a 'doggie resume'. A good breeder will want to know what type of home their dog is going to and that the family understands what owning a Doberman is all about.

I did hear back from one breeder afte I had posted and he said he was at the show in Chicago, so we plan on getting together in a few weeks. I have a list of questions for him and I hope he has some for me!

Until then, I will continue to do my due diligence with research on the breed and how to prepare for a puppy including training and socialization. My husband just laughs when he sees my spreadsheets, checklists and documentation but that's just how I roll! The more knowledge I have the better experience it will be both for the dog and for us. I want to do right by the pup because I know he will be loyal to us and it wouldn't be fair if we were not prepared for him.

So thanks again to everyone that posted and all the great advice.

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Late to this post but have a question ... when you put your name on a rescue group for a puppy and you say you want a "well bred" puppy, do you get to see the papers or pedigree?   I saw a dobi pup on a rescue page a few months back and she was beautiful.  The listing said champion bloodline.  I asked what bloodline but they would not tell me.  

You are not generally going to find any truly well bred puppies in a rescue - reputable breeders take their puppies back for any reason and at any time in their life. A well bred dog ends up in rescue occasionally, but it is rare.  Some good breeders really support their local rescue and in return can list a dog through them to find a new home for a returned dog. "Champion lines" can mean that back there somewhere there is a champion in the pedigree.  Seeing pedigrees or registration papers when you go through a rescue is pretty hit or miss. I think most of them do not pass them on to adoptors - not sure why. 

None of the above means that you can't find a really nice dog through a rescue - just that the chances of finding a truly well bred puppy is almost non existent.