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Hey my name is Israel, Red dobie is about 8 months old and she is starting to dig!  I tried to put a ballon in the holes, and she popped them but to no avail, I also tried a ton of black pepper but she re-dug the holes, can anyone help me with this?  She is a good dog and I don't want to get rid of her but when she does it over and over she makes me think twice...............I am desperate for help.....PLEASE HELP ???

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blue and hogan were terrific hole diggers...and even better trench diggers...they're best trench was about 7 feet long...and almost a foot deep.....interestingly...they only did this till about 8 months...and they seem to have outgrown it in the last month...they are 9 months now....i could not stop it...so i hope its just a puppy thing...but you wanna see our back yard....better laugh...or you would cry.....devil puppies....maybe yours will outgrow it...but on thing i wondered...and tried.....i thought maybe if i peed in the hole....or trench it would be like marking it and they would stay away....guess what.....human urine does not mark anything.....i dont get it ....other animals mark with urine....so why can't we????anyone got a thought on that?????

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My neighbors had this problem with their dog.  They bought a child's size pool and filled it with dirt.  Hid dog toys in it, then let him dig in that.  Everytime he would go dig elsewhere they would correct, and send him to the new digging place.  It only took a short while before he would automatically go to "his" digging place.  It's worth a shot I think.  Good luck :)

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You could also try putting their poo in the holes.This has worked everytime for me.The pool idea is good too because the poo in the holes works for stopping the digging in that hole, but you still need to redirect that behavior in a positive way.