Dealing with the skepticism

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Ever since getting Masons ears done I have gotten nothign but grief from people calling me an abuser, etc. How do you all deal with it?? It kinda ticks me off. The lady at the vet who gave me a hard time.. well I told her she could use some plastic surgery herself. I dont like being mean but mind your own business!! Shesh..

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;D That's something like my wife would say...  ;D

It's a good thing though. Many people need to make a big deal about things they don't understand. It helps them feel superior with the alternative being the feeling inferiority. It's unhealthy but I guess it works, otherwise people wouldn't do it so much.

Regardless, it people did understand such procedures they wouldn't waste time being angry at cropped ears, they'd focus on de-clawing cats. And if such people had any type of wide view, they'd understand that people misunderstanding their dogs and how to properly train and care for them is the BIGGEST problem.

Once you have a well trained obedient 80+ pound Doberman at your hip, happy and friendly, people will get a different idea.

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Yeah, Ive met those people too. Did you know breeders used to do all the cropping and docking to there own litters.  Anesthesia by way of some nasty stuff called Abbott's Nembutal injected into the abdomen. Complain about that! today's methods are all but painless, all the puppy wants to do afterwards is play. Now i have to admit that I think some of the posting systems can be pretty cruel and I think this is where most of the pups uncomfort comes from. Gentle Doberman has a good section on posting and also this is the one I am using now,no tape around the ear to cause irritation is what sold me. .About the skepticism, the end result of a Doberman says it all. If they want a coon hound they can go buy one.