Chasing Doberman

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Ever been chased by a Doberman?  A good friend of mine breeds Dobermans and had me over once.  He told me to start running for no apparent reason.  Trusting him, I began to run and looked ove rmy shoulder.  In hot pursuit were three large dogs with their mouths open, teeth showing, and drool hanging.  When I ran out of room and couldn't keep running, I stopped and awaited the onslaught.  But the dogs just stopped running, too.  One of them looked at me with a face that said, "Why did you stop?"  So, for a good adrenaline rush, get three Dobermans to run behind you.  It's a good way to lose weight!

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Isn't it a bad habbit to teach Dobermans to chase people? Dobermans already want to chase everything. What if they end up chasing a small animal or child?

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That's a good story iamintense.  :D

Nora, the behavior iamintense describes is not the prey drive but the pack drive. The Doberman also has a high pack drive which results in a tendency to follow dominate pack members. By suddenly running, the Dobermans feel the impulse to stay with the pack and keep up with iamintense. When he stopped, so did they. This is a good behavior but could be scary for some people.

If the dogs were displaying prey drive, they would have made contact of some type.