Can ears be taped before being cropped?

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A neighbor of mine has a dobe pup and has been posting the pups ears without being cropped yet. I noticed it when he unwrapped the ears to be cleaned. He told me the puppy was two months and was going to be getting the ears cropped within a week. Me being curious I asked him what was the reason for it. He said he use to own German Shepherds, and when their ears didn't go up, he posted them. So he got the idea from that. He said he has owned Dobermans in the past and it has worked. I was just wondering if it was true, I would never do it but just being curious.

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I never heard of that. The structure of a German Shepard's ear flap and that of the Doberman are a lot different. The GSD ear flap is naturally a smaller triangular shape, and while I never heard of posting them, I can understand it if they fold over how it would help.

On the other hand the Doberman's ear flap is longer and hence the folding. I do not think it will hurt, I am just not sure it will help.