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Last year my family and I adopted a 4 month old pup whose owner had passed away. The owner left it in his estate to his kids, but with the kids having no way to look after him, they were going to put him down. We heard about this and decided to adopt.
My question is......we don't know if he is a cross or not. Is there any way of actually finding out? We have had one vet and one breeder say he appears to be 100% doberman. Other people have said he seems like he is crossed with possibly rottweiler.
Realistically it doesn't really matter to me but I would like to know if possible. There is the guy side of me that likes the "cool" part of having a doberman, but the "dog lover" in me doesn't really care. He is extremely good natured with people and other dogs. I have always been a "lab" person...grew up with one.....but since having a doberman, I am kind of leaning to this breed. Very smart...very inquisitive...and is honestly just a big lap dog sometimes!
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi VanBC,

Who in the world would put down a dog left to them by their Dad?  :(

A picture would be helpful in determining breed. If the vet and breeders you've seen think he's 100% Doberman, he likely is. I know a lot of people, including myself, who have some of the finest examples of the Doberman breed mistaken for Rottweilers.

The Doberman is a great dog. I know what you mean, once you have a Doberman other breeds can seem a little bland.

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Yeah pics would be great. Sorry Ive not figured out how to post them yet either. I have seen some Dobes that look like Rotties. I have also seen some that look like greyhounds or Pharaoh hounds. There is a big difference in American and European Dobes and I think these looks may come from one extreme to the other. Being one bred for strength and stamina and the other for grace.

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Hello there,
To All my Dobie lovers. My name is Corey, I'm from Tx. I just recently adopted a red female doberman bout 3/4 mths ago. The shelter says she is bout 1 yrs old but I don't think she is because I think she is younger. Well ok let me get too what I really would love some info. I grew up around the breed when I was much younger. Now that I have a family and kids, I figure that I would look into purchasing one or two for my bday. My wife wasn't having it with the price of them so I started looking elsewhere that they wasn't so expensive. Well short story my wife found two of them online at our humans society here in my town. Well we talk to the ppl at the shelter and they didn't know much about the dog's just because they got them from another shelter. Ok so my wife n I go back n look at both n I like the red Dobie. So we go fill out the paperwork and have a new member to our family. Well we bring her home n she is doing good n moving round but one problem is that she doesn't like me the (Male) but like everyone else in the house cause when she was in the shelter she was cold and she was rolled up in a ball so my wife had to go inside the pin and bring her out n once we put the collar on she was ready to walk n go. So I don't know what to do cause I figured I show her love n walk her try to play she just turn her head but if I leave the room she roaming around and I even take her with me in my truck n she like that but when she in the house she pee when I try to put leashes on so I leave the leash on but she runs away from me but to my wife as soon as she gets up she is on her butt. Do anyone have any idea what I could do to get her comfortable to me. I read up on Dobie and YouTube. It's been months and she act like she getting worse. Please help me please help me!!!!