Not Just Any Veterinarians Will Do

Finding the right veterinarian is essential both to your puppy’s health, and the health of your finances. Veterinary medicine is complex and not unlike human medicine. A veterinarian’s office has many of the same expenses as a regular physician’s. The veterinarian, however, rarely has an insurance company to bill thousands of dollars too.

For this reason, veterinary care is only getting more expensive. A veterinary bill for an illness or injury can easily exceed thousands of dollars, especially after hours.

In the world of veterinary medicine, price does not equate to quality of care. There are plenty of incompetent veterinarians making an excellent living, often providing unnecessary treatment or poor treatment requiring additional care.

Like most things, the ideal way of finding a good veterinarian is through a loyal and happy client of many years with happy healthy dogs. This is not always possible. Finding this veterinarian may take some serious time and research.. Choosing a veterinarian based on location is not ideal.

A wise prospective Doberman owner will network with other dog owners, especially Doberman owners, in order to find a veterinarian who is reasonable and talented, long before taking on the responsibility of a fragile Doberman puppy.

Your veterinarian should have experience with the Doberman Pinscher. He should also have reasonable prices, a friendly staff, and many loyal clients.

Besides having a general care veterinarian, you should also find an after hours or emergency veterinarian. You don’t want to find yourself Saturday evening handing your credit card over to a receptionist at a veterinary office you have never been to praying your sick or injured Doberman will receive effective care.

Additionally, there are pet insurance plans available. To some people, pet insurance sounds silly. If you love your Doberman and you don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around, there is nothing silly about it. Remember, not providing proper veterinary care is animal cruelty prosecutable with jail time and fines exceeding veterinary costs.

If your Doberman Pinscher puppy is coming home with unaltered ears and you plan on cropping them, you have an additional challenge. Few veterinarians crop ears and fewer still possess the required skill and talent to produce an attractive and trainable ear crop. The ear crop requires a skilled surgeon’s hand and the eye of an artist.

Finding these veterinarians is an essential part of Doberman puppy ownership. Finding them early is wise. The right veterinarian can make all the difference to the health and happiness of your Doberman puppy and subsequent adult Doberman. This veterinarian can also assist you in further planning for such things as diet and overall care.