Consistency Requires a Plan

One of the most important responsibilities of the Doberman puppy owner is providing socialization and proper training to his Doberman puppy. A responsible Doberman owner will have a thorough plan for socialization and training long before bringing a new Doberman puppy home.

Socialization is simple to plan. First, you must understand that your puppy is vulnerable to deadly illness if he is exposed to certain common pathogens before he is fully vaccinated. This means keeping the puppy in a closed environment until then.

After full vaccination, plan consistent visits to and from friends and family. Also great for socialization are visits to local pet food stores that allow you to bring in your pet, walks around the neighborhood, visits to parks, dropping your puppy off at puppy day-care, and puppy play dates with other animals.

The key to socialization is consistent positive exposure to a variety of people, animals, sights, and sounds. Socialization is the key to a well tempered and happy Doberman.

A training plan requires more planning and is based on your ultimate training goals. Minimally, all dog owners, especially Doberman Pinscher dog owners, should train their dog basic obedience. I have encountered prospective Doberman owners who did not plan on training their new Doberman puppy what they understood to be ‘obedience’. This was because they misunderstood obedience training to be a grueling process in an attempt to produce a robot-like dog.

This is not so. Basic obedience training simply trains a dog proper behavior and obedience to necessary commands. Without this training, your Doberman puppy will grow up to be a powerful and intelligent dog, not under your control. This is dangerous, mainly for the dog. Without this training, your Doberman puppy will also lack the ability to effectively communicate his needs and desires in a productive and polite way, which will make everyone less happy.

A Doberman properly trained in basic obedience is a treat to everyone. A polite and friendly Doberman is a testament to the breed and an impressive sight. Basic obedience also allows your Doberman to be a more integral part of the family.

The Doberman has an innate desire to please its owner so it takes to obedience remarkably well. It is truly a shame when a Doberman owner neglects these responsibilities and leaves the most wonderful aspects of the Doberman’s character untapped.

The best place to start basic obedience training with your Doberman Pinscher puppy is an obedience class. These classes are common so there should be several classes held in your area or nearby city. Also, they usually have a separate class for young puppies called a “puppy class.” The best way to find a good class is through a happy dog owner with a well behaved dog. Otherwise, visiting a class can tell you a lot.

Regardless if you are new to dog training or experienced, there are few better ways to begin Doberman puppy ownership than with an obedience class. The focus of the class is teaching the handler how best to train and motivate the dog. However, the class also provides a busy loud atmosphere which is essential to socialization and to thoroughly train your Doberman to ignore distraction and focus on your cues.

So, your training plan can begin by finding an obedience instructor and class that you feel comfortable with. This can take time, and is why a training plan is necessary before bringing home a puppy. And by the way, these classes are usually cheap, like less than $150 for 12 weekly sessions.

Further planning should include a schedule for daily exercise and training. These daily sessions do not need to last long. With a new puppy just a few minutes is about all their attention span and fresh little bodies will handle. The most effective exercise and training schedules include several short sessions throughout the day integrated into daily activities.

Also required is a detailed overall plan. This does not have to include aspirations of competition or training complex commands. The essential part of the detailed overall exercise and training plan is to establish rules and long term care.

This plan will address how you expect your Doberman to behave and can begin by asking yourself a few questions. Here are just a few:

  • Will my Doberman be allowed on furniture?
  • How would I like my Doberman to notify me when he needs a potty break?
  • How should he greet visitors when they come in the door?
  • How will my Doberman receive his daily off-leash vigorous exercise?
  • How will I train my Doberman to avoid the ultimate temptation – the trash can?
  • Who will be responsible for training and exercise, and when?

Having this detailed plan establishing general Doberman rules and expected behaviors, will make you a much more decisive puppy trainer, and will cut down on your puppy’s confusion, making for a positive and productive bonding period.