Entering the Master Breeder’s Domain

If you have found a breeder that sounds good on the phone and is close by, or you are willing to make a trip, a visit can be an effective step in qualifying him as a good breeder. Best of all, if the parents are available, you can meet them. Puppies turn out very much like their parents. If everyone is happy and friendly, chances are good any puppy you get from them will be too.

Puppies should be clean with loose skin. They should be adventurous and unafraid. If they are growling and beating up their littermates, don’t worry. They are learning how to be Dobermans and have a big set of new tools they are exploring. Also, if the mother or father is around, don’t be frightened if a puppy receives a correction, a sharp bark and nudge with the parent’s muzzle.

If you already know the breeder is of good quality, it is still fun to make a visit and meet the parents. Some breeders will even allow you to visit the puppies before they are old enough to go home and help choose which one you will get.

As we discussed on the Master Breeder page, a quality breeder may require you to remove shoes and wash hands before seeing the puppies. They may want to avoid stressing a female with puppies, and won’t allow you to meet her. Also, remember that the breeder’s home is not a retail outlet. The time they are spending with you is not a requirement of a good Doberman breeder and is likely their personal time, as puppies takes up all the rest. Make your visit quick, respect their home, and even if you have already made a deposit, bringing an additional amount toward the puppy is a friendly gesture. Just remember to get a receipt.