What Makes a Good Doberman Pinscher Breeder

The Master Breeder

Now that we know what to avoid, let’s see what we need to be looking for in a Doberman Pinscher puppy breeder. We’ll refer to them as Master Breeders. Master Breeders are small scale, not producing more than one to three litters of Doberman Puppies each year. They have a long term plan with specific goals of producing superior Dobermans. They have studied the Doberman breed thoroughly, understand its strength and weaknesses, and use good breeding practices and sound genetic principles.

These breeders are the guardians of the Doberman breed. They have invested huge amounts of time and money into their breeding activities but rarely see a profit; more likely in fact, they lose money even when selling puppies for in excess of $1000.

As the mother Doberman approaches labor, she knows she will be cared for by the Master Breeder, who will sit up with her watching her nest until the first puppy comes. Once they do, she knows he will tend to the cutting of cords and removal and counting of placentas, which if left in the mother can easily poison and kill her in a matter of days.

You’ll know you are speaking with a Master Breeder when all of your questions, and more, are answered thoroughly and passionately. This type of Doberman breeder will also ask you questions, lots of them. Don’t be offended. This is exactly what you are looking for. Remember, this breeder has put more time and effort into their puppies than you will ever appreciate, and the price you will pay is inadequate. Count yourself lucky to have a chance at getting a Doberman Puppy from this breeder.

A Master Breeder will always be there for you. You will be encouraged not only to call with any question, even years after the purchase, but also to let them know how their puppy is doing. They also love getting pictures. When you leave with your puppy, you’ll probably feel bad, like you've taken one of their kids.

Master breeders rarely have puppies on hand. More than likely you will need to wait for the next litter which easily could be months or an entire year away. They are not in the business of puppy sales so please don’t treat them like it.

If you have the opportunity to visit the parents or the puppies, respect their home and respect their time. Understand if they make you take off your shoes and wash your hands. If they don’t allow you to see their ‘facilities’ respect this too. Likely, their facilities consist of a bedroom (or in this breeder’s case the dining room) converted into a puppy nursery, and mommy dogs don’t like strangers in the puppy nursery.

Another thing noticeable about a Master Breeder, besides many happy Dobermans dancing around, is other types of friendly pets. They understand the importance of socialization so there will likely be some cats or small dogs playing with the Dobermans.

You will not likely find a breeder of this quality close by. They are rare and you may need to have the puppy shipped to you. This is common with quality Dobermans. Also common are breeding rights in the purchasing contracts. The breeder may want to keep your puppy as a possible breeding option if it is of superior quality. This can all be discussed with the Master Breeder. They will choose the best puppy for you and arrange the agreement and shipping to best fit your unique situation.