Finding a Doberman Pinscher Breeder

How to Find a Master Breeder

So how do we find one of these rare Master Breeders? We’ll, don’t throw out the newpaper just yet. In fact, start saving up newspapers, it’s handy when a new puppy is in the house. Take a look at the breeder list on the Doberman Pincher Club of America (DPCA) website or the American Kennel Club (AKC) breeder referral page. Breeder magazines are also a good place to look. Remember though, it's up to you to evaluate any breeders that you contact. Being listed on the DPCA or AKC websites, or in a breeder magazine is no guarantee of being a quality breeder. Actually, such listings are usually filled with the less desirable breeders I discussed earlier, having only a few notable exceptions.

The best place to find a breeder is through the referral of a current Doberman owner. Attending dog shows or visiting dog parks can help you meet current owners. These people, if they were happy with their experience and are currently happy with their Doberman, are more than happy to help you contact their breeder. This way you will have a good idea of what the breeder produces, having already met one of their Dobermans.

A web search can be helpful. Many good breeders explain their breeding philosophy on a webpage and offer other helpful information. Just be cautious. A good website doesn’t always lead to a good breeder.