How much will My Doberman Cost

First, the cost for a healthy well bred Doberman puppy will be a minimum of $600 but more likely close to $1000 or more. Remember, even at these prices the breeder is losing money. A puppy going for less has been bred and raised by a breeder who has cut some important corners. Second, the initial cost of your puppy is small in comparison to the other expenses. It has been my experience that new puppy owners regularly spend twice what they have paid us for their puppy on a single trip to the pet store, buying new beds, toys, and all that. The following is a list of minimal expenses for a new puppy, depending on your veterinarian they may cost more:

Crate $100
Food $180 (6 months)
Puppy shots $300
Ear Crop $400 (as much as $1500)
Parasite Preventative $80 (6 months)
Bowls blankets etc. $70
Bones chew toys $90 (6 months)
Collar, tags, and lead $80
Stuff puppy will destroy $???

According to these honest estimates, you will need to invest a minimum of $1300 in the first six months, in addition to the cost of purchasing the puppy . If these expenses look ominous or like something you would rather avoid, perhaps right now is not the time to bring a Doberman puppy, or any puppy into your home.

Please do not settle for a less expensive puppy from a lesser quality breeder. This puppy will only incur further cost with any health or behavioral issues and will contribute to the detriment of the Doberman breed. A better solution is to rescue a Doberman or other dog. These dogs sometimes have behavioral or health issues as well. But their initial cost is minimal, and they need homes.