Which Puppy is the Best Puppy for You

Once you find a good breeder and have patiently waited the months until your litter is born, how do you choose which puppy will be your Doberman for the next decade? First, let’s go over a few things not to do and counter some of the bad advice I have heard over the years.

A misconception is that there is a, ‘pick-of-the-litter’, meaning the best puppy in the litter, and the ‘runt-of-the-litter’, meaning a small sick puppy. In any well bred litter there will be several ‘picks’ and there should be no ‘runts.’ There are always smaller ones and larger ones, and different puppies will be the picks for different people in different situations.

Don’t expect a miraculous sign showing which puppy is yours. I have found that some people expect somehow to ‘know’ which puppy is theirs when they see it. I have also seen puppies volunteer, such as in the instances when I have chosen a few puppies, maybe three, all of which are fitting to a particular aspiring Doberman owner, and one of the three puppies seems to choose their owner. This should not be expected though. The breeder, who lives with the puppies, is your best guide.

Also, when the breeder simply allows the puppy purchaser to choose from several puppies, the tendency is to take an inordinate amount of time choosing. And of course it does; the puppy purchaser doesn’t know the puppies. Try to avoid this.

If you have found a good breeder, they will have asked you enough questions and know the puppies well enough to choose the best one for you. Even if they are letting you choose from several, they know which one is the very best. The key is to be honest. Beyond the breeder’s questions tell them everything about you and your intentions and let them know you are comfortable with them choosing your puppy. This is how you will get the best Doberman puppy.