Questions to be Ready For

Any good breeder will have a long list of questions for you. You must be honest when answering these questions. An experienced breeder will recognize a fib. If they don’t, all you are doing is causing yourself problems in the future. Remember, a good breeder's priority is the puppy’s well being, which directly transfers into your well being. The following is a list of common questions.

  1. What is your experience with dogs?
  2. How many dogs have you owned?
  3. Why do you want a Doberman?
  4. Have you owned a Doberman before?
  5. Do you currently own a Doberman – if so, how many?
  6. What are your training and showing goals with your Doberman?
  7. Including age, how many people and animals are in your household?
  8. Is breeding an intention or possibility in the future with this Doberman?
  9. Who will be in charge of training and discipline of your Doberman?
  10. Do you own your own home, if not, will you have a letter from your landlord approving a Doberman?
  11. Is your yard fenced in?
  12. How do you intend for your Doberman to be outside for exercise and potty breaks?
  13. How many hours are you away from home?
  14. Where will the puppy sleep and be kept when you are not home?
  15. How much interaction do you foresee between you and your Doberman?
  16. What would you do if you find that your Doberman is not working out?
  17. Do you have experience taping cropped ears?