Doberman Pinscher Puppy Information

Doberman Puppies are a Hand Full

Puppies of any dog breed are a handful. However, Doberman puppies are notoriously rambunctious and mischievous creatures. The wonderful attributes of the adult Doberman that we love so much, such as obedience, intelligence, and fearlessness, work against the Doberman puppy owner as stubbornness, criminal genius, and daredevilism.

The first few months of raising a Doberman puppy require patience and dedication from the puppy’s family. During this time training and socialization are the keys to raising a wonderful addition to the Doberman breed.

Before bringing a puppy home, the family should have a well developed plan for training, caring for, and protecting the puppy and should become knowledgeable on the Doberman breed.

It’s important to understand the Doberman’s temperament and needs before choosing the Doberman as your new family companion. Most dog owners would be unsuitable Doberman owners. The Doberman, besides being powerful and highly driven and thus requiring thorough training, is also an extremely loving and social dog. It is not a dog to be left for long periods of time alone and is certainly not an “outside dog.” The Doberman is a dog that must be a full member of the family. If it’s not, the Doberman will be unhappy and behavioral problems will likely arise.

Owning a Doberman requires becoming a dog trainer. The Doberman’s powerful set of tools must be harnessed by its owner. This requires daily training starting at the earliest age. Training also provides the Doberman or Doberman puppy with mental stimulation. The Doberman’s intelligent mind requires this stimulation. If the Doberman owner does not provide it through training and play, the Doberman will provide it himself, usually by getting into trouble.

The first step in owning a magnificent and obedient member of the fine Doberman breed is learning all about the Doberman and effective training methods. The best Doberman owners first become dog trainers and Doberman experts. The second step is planning for its needs. The third, and often neglected step, is researching and carefully choosing a Doberman breeder.