Will a Doberman protect me on walks?

The Doberman will naturally protect its handler and family without any specific protection training. If an unfamiliar character approaches you, or anything makes you feel uncomfortable, your Doberman will likely take an aggressive posture keeping himself between you and the threat; showing teeth, growling, and barking.

I was walking with Drayko, our male, at a local park. We were on a road that goes around the park and through a wooded area. In the wooded area Drayko suddenly got seriously angry! He was displaying the most aggressive posture I’ve ever seen. He remained right at my side and then I saw what he was angry about. As we approached a little bare area in the brush, I could see a man standing there.The man seemed odd. He started to say something. Drayko got even more upset and let out a fury of terrible growls and barks. This angry dog display attracted a police car.

When the man saw the police he took off running. One of the officers got out of the car and ran the man down. The other officer came to see if I was alright.

After subduing the character, the officers said they came our way because they knew something was wrong by Drayko’s display. They also said they were looking for the guy as he was a suspected rapist.

I was just amazed at how Drayko could identify a threat so quickly and how he could at one moment be so menacing, then be so sweet to the police officers.