Will a Doberman get along with my cat?

A properly socialized Doberman will be fine with a cat. If you have a cat, besides finding a master breeder, you may want a breeder who raises the puppies and the parents around cats or other small animals.

The Doberman, although large and powerful, is also known for its gentle and careful deportment. Our Dobermans have Pumpkin, a big orange cat. The worst they do to poor Pumpkin is knock him off of thing with their big noses and / or love him up, leaving him soaked in Doberman saliva. Pumpkin was great with our puppies too and helped them learn to be gentle.

Regardless, care should be taken when bringing in a new Doberman puppy. Doberman puppies are rough and cats don’t generally appreciate rough play - except for Pumpkin. The Doberman puppy should be taught what is acceptable and unacceptable. In particular, no chasing, carrying around, or pawing of the cat – and no eating of the cat’s poop or the cat’s food.

Puppies and dogs, for some reason, like to eat cat poop; this is just bad manners in my human opinion. For a puppy, eating the cat’s food can be dangerous to the puppy’s health - causing pancreatitis.