We have a sound ordinance.

We have a sound ordinance in our neighborhood and people have gotten fines and had to get rid of their dogs. I would like to have a Doberman but worry about barking, especially at night. Does the Doberman tend to bark frequently or loudly, especially at night?

First, people who are fined or have their dogs taken away for barking are usually leaving their dogs outside. Many dogs will bark incessantly from separation anxiety.

The Doberman in not bred to be left outside. It is also highly trainable and can learn when it is inappropriate to bark, like when it’s night time. However, Dobermans do bark when they detect something suspicious, it’s their job.

If you plan on training your Doberman and keeping him in the house, I see no problem. Introduce him to the neighbors. He won’t bark at people he knows and people love a well behaved Doberman.