Is it true that if you have more than one Doberman they will gang up on you?

This is an interesting question. With regard to Doberman puppies the answer is yes. If one isn’t getting into something, the other one is. Doberman puppies are little devils! I have a theory that the best dogs start out as the worst puppies.

I currently have three Dobermans. I have never seen them work together to give me any trouble. However, when one of them is bad and I shout a correction, the other two attack the bad one with rough play. Either they are trying to assist me in the correction or perhaps they are teasing.

Additionally, Drayko, who was the worst puppy I have ever dealt with is now the best dog I have ever met. He is a great assistant with the other dogs and any puppies that might be around. If one is misbehaving and staying away from me I can tell Drayko, to get the puppy and he’ll pounce, roll the puppy around and keep him still until I can get there.