Is it common for a Doberman to damage furniture or dig up the yard?

I had some friends who experienced this. The friends of mine were a couple and brought home two female puppies. Later, the couple took to leaving the girls home alone for extended periods of time, in excess of eight hours. Suffering from separation anxiety and boredom, the girl began chewing. Eventually, their sofas were replaced with bean bags and their carpet was ruined.

The situation worsened. The couple started leaving the girls outside for extended periods so they wouldn’t potty in the house. So, the girls dug some burrows. Any breed treated like this will react in a similar way. Dobermans are just more powerful and efficient at destruction.

Dobermans need stimulation and if their owner doesn’t provide it they will find it themselves. So, if you plan on owning a member of this fine breed, be prepared to give it what it needs or you will find this situation common.