Isn’t it better to have a dog you know won’t hurt the children?

Certainly, and the only dog you can know won’t hurt your child is a stuffed dog. However, a stuffed dog is nothing like a real dog and will not provide the child with the rich and rewarding experience that a companion dog can.

The Doberman is a powerful dog. This does not mean he is more dangerous than a small breed or one of the ‘friendly’ breeds. In fact, a Doberman is much less dangerous than most small or friendly breeds.

The reason for this is simple; dogs become dangerous when they are under stress or scared. Small dogs are especially dangerous because they are easily stressed or harmed by children. The Doberman is bred to handle stress and fear and is less likely to overreact.

Also, breeders of small and friendly breeds are not nearly as concerned with temperament as good Doberman breeders. Why? Because small breeds are not dangerous and friendly breeds are friendly, right?

The fact is, children and dogs should both be trained and supervised by the household alpha, regardless of breed, and no breed is ‘safe.’