I have read that Dobermans have the tendency to bite, is this true?

The phrase “tendency to bite” is sometimes used when classifying dog temperaments. The phrase itself is misleading though. Tendency to bite better describes the small Terrier breeds or even sweet little dogs like the Chihuahua or Papillon. These friendly looking dogs are not bred carefully for reliable temperament and bite regularly.

“Tendency to bite” when applied to the Doberman likely refers to its ability and willingness to bite when it feels threatened. However, this is not a tendency. The Doberman is bred to function well under stressful conditions where biting is necessary. This makes it less likely to bite unnecessarily.

The Doberman is bred to be sure. This means it should stay calm under stress and control its fear. If you are comfortable with someone, your Doberman is unlikely to cause them any harm.

Additionally, the Doberman gives a great deal of fair warning when it feels a situation may require force. Before it bites, it will take an aggressive posture, showing teeth, growling, and barking. Most Dobermans go their entire lives without biting a person. So, to answer your question: No, the well bred Doberman temperament does not carry a tendency to bite.

Actually, this reminds me of a situation. I was in a parking lot and had just gotten Drayko, our male Doberman, into the car. A strange man was approaching me saying something like, “Hey beautiful.” I started to freak out. Before I knew it Drayko had gotten out of the car shielding me from the approaching weirdo. Drayko dramatically displayed aggression but this crazy guy kept coming.

I tried to get into the car but the weirdo got too close. Drayko attacked. 98 pounds of Doberman leaped up and pounded the man in the chest with his front paws and a deafening bark. This caused the man to fall backwards onto the ground and gave me enough time to get into the car and call Drayko in too, making our getaway.

Drayko didn’t bite. He knew he didn’t have to. He knew all we needed was enough time to get into the car.