Are Dobermans good with kids?

A better question: Are kids good with Dobermans? We can usually tell how well a new Doberman family will train their new Doberman puppy by how well their children behave. Both children and Dobermans need proper training to avoid problems.

The Doberman is notorious for their love and protectiveness of children. It is extremely unlikely that a well treated Doberman would harm a child. The Doberman’s advantages around children are its sure temperament and general size and indestructibility.

However, the delightful Doberman attitude toward children should not be taken for granted. The children should be taught proper behavior around the Doberman and that he is an important member of the family deserving of love and respect. The children should also be part of the training process and know how to put the Doberman under command.

Likewise, the Doberman should learn proper behavior around the children. Although the Doberman is loving toward kids, they can also be belligerent; pushing them out of the way, knocking them down, and stealing food.