Doberman Pinscher Ear Cropping

The ear crop is a cosmetic procedure where the thin outside membrane of the ear is skillfully trimmed away allowing the remaining thick ear trainable to stand. Dobermans are born with a long floppy ear. Cropping it allows it to function like a natural dog ear that is able to able to perk-up, position toward sounds, and lay flat.

Unlike other common veterinary procedures, the ear crop requires an artist’s hand. An attractive ear crop is created only when the ear structure, head shape and size, and crop style are all evaluated; and the crop performed by a talented surgeon. If cropper ears are intended for a Doberman, a veterinarian possessing these skills should be chosen prior to bringing home a Doberman puppy, if that puppy’s breeder does not handle the cropping process.

For the successful ear crop to stand upright, the Doberman owner must take the meticulous responsibility of caring for the ears after the procedure. This post-crop care mainly includes posting the ears, also referred to as wrapping or taping the ears, in order to stiffen the cartilage. This will allow the Doberman to hold up its ears. Equally, the Doberman owner must keeping the ears clean, dry, and free from injury.

Depending on the dog, and the type of crop, the ear training process can take as little as a couple weeks, but it can also take as long as several months.