Leaving Your Doberman Pinscher Home

Caring for Your Doberman When You're Away

When leaving a young Doberman home alone, especially a puppy, he should be kenneled in a safe appropriately sized kennel; 42 to 48 inches in height. The time alone should not be extensive. Even a mature Doberman left alone for eight hours can become bored and get himself into trouble. When long stays away become necessary, water and safe chew items should be provided.

Only a mature Doberman who has displayed his acceptance of household rules should be left unkenneled and should also be supplied with plenty of water and chew items to stay busy.

Choosing to leave a Doberman outside for long durations or for any duration when no one is present at the home is a bad idea. You never know what might be happening outside when you’re not home. A Doberman who is teased by passing children could easily grow a dislike for them. Also, with no one home to call for help, an injured or sick Doberman would be left to suffer until his owner finally arrive home.

For times when the family needs to leave town without their Doberman or otherwise is unable to stay at home with the Doberman; accommodations should be made with a friend, family member, or a quality dog hotel. You must be certain that whoever is caring for your Doberman is willing and able to provide proper care and protection.

Other good Doberman owners are an ideal home-away-from-home. Good Doberman owners are already accustomed to the needs of the Doberman and an additional Doberman is rarely a burden. Actually, in a one Doberman home, having a Doberman guest can give the family a break from their Doberman’s constant need for exercise and affection by giving him a new buddy to play with.

Even for families that never travel, a plan should be in place for the eventuality of the family needing to leave town or not be at home for whatever reason. This is simply a responsible safety measure. You never know what could happen. Aunt Edna could die on the way to Wally World and require the family to be present in Kansas for the reading of her will. The house may suddenly require fumigation for a rare strain of head lice little Billy brought home from summer camp. The Secret Service may suspect your family of running a counterfeit ring out of your basement and seal off your home for an investigation. You just never know so it’s best to be prepared.