Exercising the Doberman Pinscher

Maintaining the Doberman Physique

The Doberman is bred to be highly active for a whole working day and able to perform tasks requiring a high degree of athleticism. If the Doberman is not allowed to develop and exert his physique he will suffer. His body will suffer as will his mind.

Daily walks are totally insufficient. Expecting to exercise your Doberman by taking him jogging is also insufficient. No human is capable of exerting the amounts of energy equal to what the Doberman requires on a daily basis. Although jogging with your Doberman is great, it offers his high performance body little challenge.

The Doberman requires an open area where he can run at top speed. This usually requires a Doberman owner to have a reasonably sized yard enclosed by a fence. Apartments, homes with small yards, and homes with yard space taken up by a pool or large garage are not suitable homes for the Doberman. Even with a dog park close by, these situations rarely offer the Doberman adequate daily exercise.

Simply having the space does not necessarily mean your Doberman will exercise himself properly. One way of assuring proper amounts of exercise is having two Dobermans, or another type of dog along with your Doberman capable of keeping up. Dobermans love to chase each other and together will usually exert more than enough energy.

Playing games with your Doberman is a good means of inducing exercise. Training a Doberman to fetch a ball or catch a Frisbee are both popular and effective.

Also good are the dog sports currently growing in popularity in the Doberman community, such as Flyball and Agility. Besides providing exercise for his body, games and sports also exercise the Doberman’s sharp mind, giving him his necessary mental exertion.

Some Doberman homes even provide a treadmill for their Dobermans. One family with which I placed two of my puppies spends the weekend on their farm and the weekdays at a condo close to their jobs. This family places their two girls each on the treadmill for a specific amount of time each day, just to make sure they are getting a consistent amount of exercise. Any lack of exercise over the week is made up for on the farm where the girls are allowed to run hundreds of yards at glorious airborn speed.

In situations where your Doberman does not have access to an open area, temporary solutions can be found such as dog parks. Another solution is putting yourself on wheels. Taking a Doberman for a run on rollerblades or a bicycle will allow you to keep up with a medium Doberman's pace, and if a chest harness is used you can allow him to pull you. For this idea, the handler must be a proficient master of his wheeled device and the Doberman must be well trained and accustomed to trotting next to you and your odd contraption. You certainly don’t want to get jerked off a bike and drug up a tree after a squirrel, or on rollerblades brought to a Doberman’s top speed and sent into a busy intersection rolling on knees and elbows.