Doberman Dietary Needs

A consistent and high quality diet for your Doberman is worth every penny. Not only will he be more healthy and happy, he will also avoid many future health problems. Quality food costs more, but you need less, this means less poop in the back yard and less noxious gas in the house.

Consistency is important. Changing a Doberman’s food suddenly will cause an upset tummy and likely some diarrhea. Buying whatever is on sale at the supermarket is a harmful habit.

When choosing a commercial food, it should be specific for your Doberman’s age. Dogs in different age groups (puppy, adult, and senior) have very different needs.

Table scraps are not part of a quality diet. Growing up, my family treated our dogs like garbage disposals, giving them whatever we wouldn’t eat including fat. This is wrong and very harmful to the dog’s health.